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october 2016 Office News and More!

After the searing summer, the cool fall weather is a welcome relief! It's time to get cozy with a cup of hot chocolate and pull out your favourite scarf. Of course the most important fashion choice you'll be making this month will be your Halloween costume! Dust off your old Ghostbusters uniform because it's new again, or maybe pick your favourite Game of Thrones character or, for the kids, there's also plenty to choose from this year. Why not try to choose healthier alternatives this Halloween? Instead of candy look to fruits for yourself and trick-or-treaters. Simply limiting the amount of processed sweets you'll eat is probably a great place to start, and remember to brush and floss! You'll be glad you did on your next appointment!

We give thanks as well this month. Thank you for letting us take care of you and your family.

There's plenty to do apart from enjoying the colourful autumn leaves. For those who need a thrill this month, check out the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. For gallery lovers, there's Art Toronto. For book lovers, the International Festival of Authors will be happening end of month.

Be safe and healthy,

The team at Dentistry in Oak Ridges


Do you know what causes tooth decay?

If you said sugar, you would be correct! Food can sometimes get stuck in the grooves of your teeth, and when bacteria in your mouth comes in contact with sugar, it creates a harmful acid causing tooth decay. Fillings are the only option when there is a decay or cavity in your teeth.

Fortunately, cavities can be reduced by getting dental sealants which help seal your teeth from food, sugar, and bacteria. Sometimes, it is best for children to get sealants as soon as their permanent teeth has come in. Sealants can also be advantageous for teens or young adults who are prone to cavities. Click here to learn more.

Pumpkin Pancakes

We know that October means Halloween and Halloween means pumpkin. It seems like every autumn there are more pumpkin flavored treats - pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies. Now you can add pumpkin pancakes to the list!

Click here for the full recipe.